Turning 30 next week

I couldn’t finish a single scoop hot fudge sundae today. Weirdly, that convinced me more than all my gray hair combined that I’m actually getting old. Till a few years back I could easily finish the same sundae. Heck, I never even flinched before gulping down a Death by Chocolate sundae at Corner House.

This is the second time in last month that I had this realization. The first was when I went to drop Sammy from Bangalore to Gangtok. I am quite sure that a few years back, the same amount of travel wouldn’t be as tiring and stressful as it was this time.

I’m going to be 30 next week. I guess its a bigger age milestone than I thought it would be.

Lost 13 Kg in 2 months


Oatmeal with strawberries and cinnamon is a yummy but healthy breakfast.

I went down from 92 Kg to 79 Kg. Needless to say, I feel amazing.

Here are some tips based on my experience:

  • Watch what you eat and know what’s good and bad.
  • Walk a lot and always take stairs (use a Fitbit or a pedometer).
  • Do some exercise everyday (jogging, running or even the infamous 7 min workout).
  • Log everything and have a target calorie goal for everyday (myfitnesspal works great for this).
  • Don’t punish yourself. Treat yourself once in a while!

My daughter absolutely loves going to Jawahar Bal Bhavan (in Cubbon Park) and since a last few months we’ve been visiting there every other Sunday.

We now have an established routine that includes traveling in the mini train, going to a few kids rides, climbing up and down the castle, some time at the swings in the park, a bumpy motor boat ride, and a few servings of the local food at the canteen. 

It’s the perfect place to spend a morning with your kids.

Bangalore is full of small street carts selling momos (Tibetan dumplings) these days.