I used to blog regularly back in the day when people followed RSS feeds instead of timelines and Google Reader was still a thing. I blogged for almost a decade on various platforms before giving up to the ease and brevity of Twitter.

Over last few weeks, there were multiple moments when I felt like writing, but Twitter just didn’t seem like the right place because I wanted to write something longer, something I could come back to in the future. I considered using Medium but I want more control over my posts. Using popular blogging tools has resulted in my posts spread across four different websites. I want something self-hosted this time.

I can’t be bothered to write my own right now, so I looked for popular markdown-based blogging platforms and Jekyll and Hugo were the top choices. I ended up choosing Jekyll because it’s a tad simpler and the default theme is really lean and customisable. I’ve inlined the gem based theme into my blog because I basically wanted to override most of it. I’ve made it open source so feel free to take a look. I used Netlify for hosting - it’s hassle-free, costs nothing and that’s all I need.

Anyway, that’s enough talk about blogging. Hello again!